About Native ChocTalk

Rachael Youngman, Founder of Native ChocTalk & Podcaster

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Rachael grew up in Anadarko, Oklahoma, known as “Indian Capital of the Nation”, where more Native Americans reside per capita than anywhere in the world. Although she grew up with primarily the Plains Native Americans (Comanche, Kiowa, Apache), she is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Rachael no longer lives in her hometown, but still visits often to patron local businesses and museums, and to spend time with her family members who still reside in Oklahoma.

Rachael recently moved from Texas to Illinois, where she lives with her husband and ever-energetic Golden Retriever, Taloa (Taloa means “to sing” in Choctaw), whose soul mission is to bring as many sticks and as much mud in the house as possible. Now empty nesters, her daughter graduated from Yale and resides in the northeast working in Cyber Security, and her stepson attends University of Arkansas (go, Bulldogs and go, Razorbacks!).

Rachael formerly served on the Board of the American Indian Center of Indiana (AICI) and also led the AICI Youth Advisory Board with her daughter, raising awareness about Native American issues, history and culture and promoting volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Butler University and spent 20 years performing as a trained opera singer. She was the youngest recipient of the Young Talent Award from the Metropolitan Opera at the age of 19, was a multiple year winner of the National Association of Teachers of Singing opera competitions and more.

Rachael also spent 16 years as a local and national talent for commercials, infomercials, radio engagements and public relations. She also worked in public relations for the Indianapolis Colts as the Publicist for the book, The Rise of the Blue Nation and led a team promoting the Colts Business Alliance. In addition, Rachael was a weekly Dating and Relationships Columnist and relationships counselor for 4 years.

Rachael currently works in software sales for technology companies where she has sold to the Texas, Oklahoma and other markets since 2009.

She still considers herself a clumsy stickball player, a “work in progress” as a speaker of the Choctaw language and a knowledge seeker of her tribe’s history and culture (she thanks her ancestors for being patient with her as she improves over time).

Her great grandmother, Ella who was a big influence in her life, is felt in Rachael’s heart every day. She is the driving force for Rachael’s mission to share Ella’s stories and that of all of our Native ancestors in order to promote education, respect and understanding of our Indigenous people.

Stacy Williams, Onsite Manager

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://stacyshofnerwilliams.com

Stacy Shofner Williams is a multi-talented registered Choctaw artist who specializes in painting with acrylics, writes books, creates Native American beadwork items and plays the Native American flute.

Stacy's paintings are unique in that in 2012 she was in a car accident that left her without most of her vision in one eye. Often, she will choose a subject to paint and will create two versions - one on a canvas with her good eye closed and another on a different canvas with her bad eye closed. An interesting creation emerges as a result of painting with these two very different viewpoints. Comparing 2 paintings side-by-side is often a fascinating contrast.

When she's not painting, Stacy also writes sci-fi books, including the highly rated book, "Of Shadow and Ash".

Stacy gives back to her community by making appearances as a Storm Trooper as a part of the 501st volunteer organization which consists of Star Wars costume enthusiasts who donate their time making appearances at hospitals and for various events.

Stacy also researches Native American history and culture and resides in Oklahoma with her husband and three sons and her cats that can talk but choose not to.

Bee, Graphic Artist

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Twitch: https://twitch.tv/llbee

Twitter: @itsllbee

Instagram: @itsllbee


LLBee (aka Bee) has been a creative live-streamer on Twitch for the past 5 years and is part of several large communities with a focus on mental health and education. For the past 6 years, she has been a beekeeper and endeavors to encourage respect and understanding for these important pollinators and how humans can better live in harmony with them. Other interests include sculpting, singing, and animal rescue. LLBee lives in California with her husband, 2 dogs, & thousands of bees.