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Halito ("Hello") and yakoke ("thank you") for your donation* to support Native ChocTalk!
Native ChocTalk is a labor of love and I do fund this podcast 100% out of my own pocket (certainly worth it but perhaps not sustainable long-term). I am honored to work with my guests and to provide a means for them to preserve their stories, history, culture and traditions for generations to come, while at the same time, helping others to learn about and understand our Indigenous people!
My goals are the following:
1) In season 1, I had over 10,000 listeners! The typical start-up podcast has 27 listens per episode, where Native ChocTalk had 642 listens per episode. Over time, I hope to gain more listeners and subscribers, so that even more folks can enjoy, learn and grow from the important content that my guests bring to the table.
2) I wish to grow Native ChocTalk to be not only a podcast, but so much more. For instance, I'd like to produce videos with some of the guests in which I'm onsite as they talk through for example, artifacts or the jewelry they've created and so on. Or perhaps to pay children's book writers to read all of their books in a story-time video or audio segments, or to create packets of Native American curriculum (created by Natives) for homeschool families and/or teachers (something that has been requested multiple times). These are just a few of many ideas that take time, people and dollars to fulfill.
The Challenge:
Working full time in my sales job, and creating this podcast myself with episodes that go live every single week (some weeks include more than one episode) certainly keeps me busy. My full-time job is no less than 50 hours per week and my podcast entails 33 hours on average per week (I do everything for the podcast from soup to nuts, minus 1/2 of the editing and posting the episodes to the podcast platforms). I've pulled many all-nighters to keep it all going, and that time, coupled with my funding the entire program is why I boldly state that one of my goals is to eventually be able to compensate for my time.
Your Donation Would Go a Long Way:
Your donation would also help with funding for SEO, advertisements, transcriptions so that the deaf community may have opportunity to also enjoy the podcast, promotional products, travel to record with guests, podcast and computer equipment, annual expenses such as website hosting, SignNow, podcast recording platforms, podcast platform data analytics, Zoom, Covideo, EZ-Converter and all those many little things that add up.
Are there any questions I can answer for you? If so, please reach out to me at [email protected].
Thank you again for your consideration and I hope you'll continue to listen to and support Native ChocTalk!
*Please note: Native ChocTalk is not a 501(c)(3) organization and does not provide tax-deductible benefits.
Rachael Youngman
Creator of Native ChocTalk & Podcaster
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