Season 1 Episode 5: Part 2, "Monroe Tsatoke, Descendent of Hunting Horse, a Code Talker & The Kiowa 5": Monroe Tsatoke, Kiowa


You’ll be moved by Native ChocTalk’s newest episode, Part 2 of “Monroe Tsatoke, Descendent of a Code Talker & The Kiowa 5”: Monroe Tsatoke, Kiowa.
Join us in PART TWO as we discuss:
  • The Kiowa 5 (also known as The Kiowa 6) and how they set the standard for Native American Art
  • A set of stamps you must own!
  • The story of the Tin Lizzie
  • The Susan Peters Gallery
  • The Kiowa tribe: pow wows, Gourd Dance, War Dance
  • The Tia-piah Society of Oklahoma
  • A Kiowa Prayer to bring peace to your day