Season 4, Episode 15, Part 1: Story Time with Author, W. Michael Farmer: “Killer of Witches, The Life and Times of Yellow Boy, Mescalero Apache”

It’s STORY TIME, y’all! This lengthy 3-part series with Author, W. Michael Farmer is perfect to tune into while you’re taking a road trip or working in the yard or just listening when you can.

“You are stronger than we. We have fought you so long as we had rifles and powder, but your arms are better than ours. Give us like weapons and turn us loose, we will fight you again; but we are worn-out; we have no more heart; we have no provisions, no means to live; your troops are everywhere; our springs and waterholes are either occupied or overlooked by your young men. You have driven us from our last and best stronghold, and we have no more heart. Do with as may seem good to you, but do not forget we are men and braves.” These were the words of Mescalero Chief, Cadete to General Carlton in 1863.

In Season 3, episode 8, my guest, W. Michael Farmer and I talked through the life and times of the great warrior, Geronimo. And over the next 3 episodes, Michael and I will walk through his 3-part book series based on the life of an Apache named Yellow Boy, starting with, “Killer of Witches, The Life and Times of Yellow Boy, Mescalero Apache”. Because Michael has completed extensive research on the Apache, you’ll also learn a great deal about the Mescalero Apache way of life.

A disclaimer…these books and episodes do contain realistic depictions of historic actions and events that do include violence, so listener discretion is advised.

This is a story that’s considered truth told along with fiction in a time when the Apache way of life was being threatened by the overtaking of Americans who were migrating west, and the terrors on the dark side in this life, witches and other evil spirits in the flesh, that still had to be destroyed to enter the next life unscathed.

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