Season 4, Episode 6: “Lance Ware (Kiowa), Wild Land Firefighter on the Ware Legacy”

I grew up in Hog Creek, which is approximately 5 mile west of Anadarko, Oklahoma. This is a virtually unknown historical place to the general public, but to the locals, it’s filled with Kiowa history. Among many of those in the area whose ancestors roamed these lands is a well-known, tight-knit and beloved family - the Wares.

In this episode, I had a casual visit with our family friend, Lance Ware (Kiowa) and we enjoyed discussing:

  • His work as a wild land firefighter, working amongst several tribes
  • Ware’s Chapel and cemetery
  • How Lance is one of 11 children
  • His experience with fancy dancing
  • The singing and drumming of the Oh ho ma
  • The Ware family today, and those we’ve lost
  • Natives in Hollywood, including Leonard Nimoy who played a Chief (true story!)
  • His dad, Lehman Ware’s archery skills and how he may or may not have practiced in the house

We also talked about the American Indian Expo, Anadarko, Oklahoma:

This time that Lance and I had together is an example of the preservation that can be done in any family - talking about growing up, the things that went on in the town, interesting and entertaining family stories, and so on. I encourage you to turn on your recorder sometime and capture these casual conversations with your family too!

In memory of Lehman Keith Ware, February 1941-2017 and Carol Jean Ware, March 1941-2023

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