S6, E1, Pt2: Dr. William Meadows on “The First Code Talkers, Native American Communicators of World War I”, Part 2

I hope you’ll enjoy episode 2 of this 5-part series on the most requested topic from my listeners – The Code Talkers.

Meet scholar and Anthropologist, Dr. William Meadows, Professor at Missouri State University who shares about the groundbreaking research detailed in his book, “The First Code Talkers, Native American Communicators of World War I”. 

 Get ready to experience a mix of oral history, individual soldiers’ accounts and newspapers, truly bringing these heroes’ stories to life.

In episode 2 you’ll learn about:

  • The Choctaw Code Talkers
  • How Native boarding schools prepared many Native American boys for the military.
  • The 36th contained nearly 600 Native Americans speaking 26 languages and dialects.
  • Natives in sports while serving in WW1.
  • Why the 36th became known as the “Millionaire Company”
  • The serious impacts of the Germans tapping into Americans communications.
  • Why being a “runner” had to have been the worst job in the WWI.
  • What launched the first code talking.

Yakoke to the brave Native American men and women who have served our country and all our Veterans! And many thanks to Dr. Meadows for sharing his research with us. 

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