Season 1 Episode 3: Chief Gary Batton on our Choctaw History, Heroes, and the Choctaw Spirit


In this week’s episode, I’m coming to you from the stunning Choctaw Headquarters in Durant, Oklahoma where I had the pleasure of interviewing our Chief of the Choctaw Nation, Gary Batton!

Chief Batton shares about some of the tragedies he has faced in his life and how his outlook and faith helped him to become what he is today.

And we’ll talk about faith, family and culture –  the “Choctaw spirit of looking to a better tomorrow”.

You’ll also hear about our unsung heroes - the Choctaw Code Talkers and how the Choctaw people helped during the Irish Famine.

And finally, we’ll discuss the Chahta Foundation which promotes education, wellness and tradition (see more information on my website and on my Native Choctalk Facebook page) which is a valuable resource for our tribal members.

I was thrilled for the opportunity to meet with the Chief, but what I didn’t anticipate was that our conversation would be more than just an interview. The Chief leads by example, living in positivity and faith and I personally walked away feeling encouraged, inspired and prouder than ever to be Choctaw. No matter your tribal affiliation or ethnicity, I hope you’ll also come away from this episode feeling the Choctaw spirit in your life!





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