Season 1 Episode 4: "Comanches, Snakes and Sooners": Rance Weryakwe, Comanche


This week’s episode of Native ChocTalk is a MUST LISTEN, y’all. Rance Weryackwe and I spent part of our time recording at the University of Oklahoma campus… take a listen for the following topics:
• How Comanche hunting grounds and buffalo wallows were a significant consideration when building the University of Oklahoma campus
• Hear Rance sing a cheerful Comanche Hymn (about a 3rd of the way through the episode)
• Hear Rance’s decision when faced with the choice of hunting the snake or holding the snake bucket at the Apache Rattlesnake Festival Hunt
• Learn about Oklahoma City’s new First Americans Museum and Rance’s contribution to the museum’s exhibits
• What McGirt vs Oklahoma actually means for our tribes
• What peyote means to the Comanche
"I have a strong, long connection to this land being that we’ve traveled over for centuries."
- Rance Weryackwe, Comanche   



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