Season 4, Episode 12: “Steven Oklatubbee (Choctaw) on Simpson Tubby: A Voice for God and His Choctaw People”

Ovid Vickers, the late English instructor from Decatur, Mississippi, wrote, “When a list of influential Choctaw people is compiled, Simpson Tubby…preacher, teacher, and storyteller, will without a question be among them.”

Steven Oklatubbee, the fifth great grandson of the great Choctaw Chief, Mushulatubbee, spoke to us in Season 2 about his ancestral stories. And now he’s here to share the fascinating story about another of his ancestors, Simpson Tubby, based on a paper he wrote titled, “Simpson Tubby: A Voice for God and His Choctaw People.”

We’ll also cover topics such as:

  • Thoughts around being mixed blood Native
  • The effects of Jim Crow laws and how those played into issuing blood quantum
  • The treatment of Choctaws who stayed behind in Mississippi
  • Some sad news about one of Steven’s goats (but also some good news ahead)

By the way, Steven also has his own podcast called Anumpa Nan Anoli – check it out on Spotify, y’all!

Yakoke, Steven for joining me and God bless!

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