Season 5, Episode 4, Part 1 Sam Guerrero Stitt (Choctaw) on The Spirit of Giving & Native Genealogy & History

Last year was the 175th anniversary of the Irish gift*, in which the Choctaw people donated money to the Irish during the potato famine.

This November, we once again honor the spirit of giving, with my Choctaw guest, Sam Guerrero Stitt!

In parts 1 and 2 of this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Sam’s ancestral stories, including his ties to the Irish
  • Sam’s Eternal Heart sculpture in Oklahoma will celebrate the Choctaw gift (a companion piece to the Kindred Spirits sculpture in Ireland)
  • Sam’s new service, Native American Genealogy!
  • Helpful tips on researching our native ancestors
  • Is Brett Favre native American?
  • The REAL story of David H Folsom
  • The Freedmen
  • The story of the bullet on the gravestone
  • The “blurry” topic of Choctaw clans
  • Traditional Choctaw clothing

If you’re searching for your American Indian ancestors, don’t forget to check out NATAM gen Native American Genealogy! I’m so excited about this!

*You can hear more about the Choctaw gift and the history of the Great Famine in Native ChocTalk’s Season 3, with Seth Fairchild, Executive Director of the Chahta Foundation here:

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